“There is no judgement, only listening ears from people who are going through, or have been through, it themselves”

Sorry for the radio silence: we have all been so busy! Parents in Mind peer support is now up and running in three sites: Coventry and Warwickshire, Halton and Newham. To give a flavour of what our support is like here's the story of a woman who attended one  of our Coventry and Warwickshire groups. … Continue reading “There is no judgement, only listening ears from people who are going through, or have been through, it themselves”


A rollercoaster ride of emotions

By Dawn Probert - Parents in Mind volunteer, Coventry & Warwickshire Little did I know when I signed up to be a volunteer peer supporter that it would be such a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I don't think I truly appreciated or understood the cleansing, yet often soul-searching, process that I was going to participate in … Continue reading A rollercoaster ride of emotions

Vol-un-teer – what does it really mean?

vol-un-teer noun a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertakes a task. verb freely offer to do something. Nice, isn’t it, that notion? And such a simple concept. And yet, a rarity. Something that many of us, traversing the countless terrains of life, don’t often stumble across. It’s something ‘other … Continue reading Vol-un-teer – what does it really mean?

It’s all about the team

It has been a year since I joined NCT.  Tasked with delivering the Dept of Health’s funded Parents in Mind project, it was a matter of hitting the ground running!  Learning about the evolving NCT future plans and the world of peer support has been exciting, busy and sometimes down right frustrating.  But the thought … Continue reading It’s all about the team

How NCT is supporting mums’ perinatal mental health at branch level

How does a local branch help local mums have good perinatal mental health with the help of peer supporters? Michele Xenophontos, Branch Coordinator in Widnes and Runcorn talks about her experience. Tell us a bit about your branch and your area. Being just on the outskirts of Liverpool our area is often overlooked for things … Continue reading How NCT is supporting mums’ perinatal mental health at branch level

The trials and triumphs of training

Last November the first cohort of NCT Parents in Mind volunteers gathered together in Warwickshire for week one of their peer supporter training. They were naturally apprehensive but also excited about the journey ahead of them. Each woman had personal lived experience of some degree of perinatal mental health or emotional difficulties, be this close to twenty … Continue reading The trials and triumphs of training

New Beginnings

What do you get if you cross a jaded primary school teacher with some soul searching, two under-fives and the desire to make a difference to the lives of ‘ordinary’ mums in the north west? Me! I’m Catherine Briars, the bouncy, excitable, newly appointed Parents in Mind Service Delivery Manager for Widnes and Runcorn. The … Continue reading New Beginnings

New Year Reflections

At least 1 in 10 women are affected with poor mental health because of pregnancy, the birth experience, and/or the transition to parenthood.  Many families affected by mental health difficulties will not receive specialist support, either because their locality doesn’t provide such services, or because the needs of the woman are best suited to the … Continue reading New Year Reflections

#ParentsInMind – an exciting week ahead

It was a happy day the day we heard that we'd been awarded a Department of Health Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development grant focusing on perinatal mental health peer support, in partnership with the Institute of Health Visiting. The grant application had been a labour of love for myself and colleagues, hugely motivated by everything we'd heard … Continue reading #ParentsInMind – an exciting week ahead

Muddy for mental health

Emerging from ice and water, gasping for breath, mud dripping from every part of me.... and who is with me? Nine of my fantastic NCT colleagues - muddy, cold, tired, but smiling (mostly). Why? We asked ourselves that question many times on the 22nd May, as we hauled each other through, up and over Tough … Continue reading Muddy for mental health