Vol-un-teer – what does it really mean?

vol-un-teer noun a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertakes a task. verb freely offer to do something. Nice, isn’t it, that notion? And such a simple concept. And yet, a rarity. Something that many of us, traversing the countless terrains of life, don’t often stumble across. It’s something ‘other … Continue reading Vol-un-teer – what does it really mean?


New Beginnings

What do you get if you cross a jaded primary school teacher with some soul searching, two under-fives and the desire to make a difference to the lives of ‘ordinary’ mums in the north west? Me! I’m Catherine Briars, the bouncy, excitable, newly appointed Parents in Mind Service Delivery Manager for Widnes and Runcorn. The … Continue reading New Beginnings